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about us

neliSoftwares is a Software Engineering company which provides solutions in mobile & web development for clients around the world and founded by Kevin Perard, previously Lead & Software Engineer Advisor for many projects over the past 10 years.

We understand your needs and we give advices before starting the development of your project.
We are always 100% transparent on our daily work. Trust is essential for us and we care for your business.
We always deliver your project in the estimated delay and we are here for you to put your product in the hands of your customers.

our services

web development

We are using the latest technologies to give life to your web application in addition of the best user experience.

mobile development

Forget asynchronous mobile development, we are using React Native to develop iOS et Android at the same time to save you time and money.

restful api development

Classic Restful API, Payments API or Blockchain based API, we have the knowledge to develop whatever your business needs to growth.

servers deployment

We help you deploy your platform on AWS, Linode or Digital Ocean and make sure your infrastructure is stable and monitored.



Marketplace (in Canada)WebMobileAPInelinelo is a marketplace gathering Shopify e-commerce shops to encourage people to buy local. We are currently developping the new web version which will be released in the near future. It has been featured many times in newspapers and TV in the past.

Bon Magasinage

E-commerce Website (in Canada)WebAPIBon Magasinage is a e-commerce platform to buy and sell clothes between individuals. We gave a new life to the platform and added the online payment system through Stripe.


Mobile Application (in Canada)MobileAquassist is a mobile application to simplify water treatment. We delivered in a very short time, a functionnal and clean product in order to demo it to investors in the United-States.


Admin Dashboard (in Vietnam)WebGemPages is the top 2 page builder app for Shopify websites. We have designed and developped entirely their new admin dashboard used by thousands of users every day.

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